This site is about Baguio City and anything related to it. Baguio just celebrated its first centenary on September 1, 2009. Despite this, it’s a daunting task to have materials about the Summer Capital of the Philippines in just one location. Materials from local sources have either been destroyed during the war, buried in the earthquake, or while some documents made it to Clark in 1990, these were again buried in lahar after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. Internet sources are also scarce and physically getting these materials abroad would be expensive.

Most of the articles published here have also been printed by Baguio newspapers, like the Baguio Midland Courier, SunStar Baguio Daily, Cordillera Toady, Zigzag Weekly, and UpNorth Tribune. I have syndicated some in an attempt to maximize public awareness about Baguio.

I hope some kind-hearted souls could help make Baguio research a lot easier through donations. Let’s keep the Baguio spirit alive, even beyond 2009!